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In my research, teaching, and engagements in entrepreneurial circles, I am obsessed with approaching systematically how entrepreneurs make strategic choices. To this end, I have led a number of initiatives to share best practices among entrepreneurs and raise awareness of emerging topics in academia. Below is an overview of the initiatives I am involved with:


Pre-accelerators and Business Support Programs

I am the Director of pre-acceleration programs in Italy, the UK, and India, where I have worked with more than 1,500 start-ups. In this role, I combine the latest management practices with research insights to help deliver cutting-edge training and mentorship programs. I am also the co-founder of Strategy Insight Lab, a business support program that has helped 250+ entrepreneurs adopt innovative practices that resulted in significant revenue growth.  





Scientific decision-making


Now more than ever, it is imperative for businesses to innovate in order to survive and thrive. Whether establishing a new start-up or creating a new line of business from within, scientific decision-making provides a framework and set of tools to address the many challenges of innovation. The website aims to share, educate, and inform educators and practitioners on the theory and approach behind scientific decision-making, its tools and techniques, relevant case studies, and the latest academic publications on the subject.

Hackathon research


Hackathons are becoming increasingly popular on a global scale, yet little is known about their impact on innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

The goal of this website is to encourage a broad conversation and stimulate research on this topic.

The website developed thanks to the generous support of the Strategy Research Foundation, which includes a curated overview of research on this topic.


Contact Me

chiara [ dot ] spina [ at ] insead [ dot ] edu

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